Alice stopped cold when she saw it. She couldn’t believe her luck. She had spent most of her adult life scouring yard sales for one just like it. It was right there on the table mixed in with all the other junk. A perfect match to the one she had placed in her son’s grave.

The silver plated crucifix glistened in the sunlight, setting itself apart from the other items on the table.

She had to have it. She knew it would help her find her son in the after life.

Even though Alice had been raised Christian, she knew that this object, this statuette of Christ, would lead her to her son. The son who died of Leukemia just four years earlier. Praying over him every day until he died. Waiting for the miracle that never came.

At his funeral Alice placed the crucifix around his neck as the casket was closed for the last time. She remembered his cold gray skin and its leathery feel upon her hand as she latched the chain around her dead son. Now she had the chance to be even closer to him.

Alice was convinced that if she had the necklace she would be with him when she died. Now she finally found it, the treasure that would secure her reunion with her long dead son. She grabbed it with a forceful swipe and all but ran to the cashiers table.

“How much do you want for this?” Alice asked the lady behind the table.

“Oh, lets see,” the lady took the item from Alice’s hand, “I’ll take a dollar. It is silver you know”

Alice gratefully gave the woman the dollar and hurried back to her car, peeling out in the gravel driveway as she left. On her way home all she could do was look at her new found prize.

Excitement overcame her consciousness as she raced through the mountain roads toward her home. Barreling down the two lane highway her thoughts never left the crucifix still glistening in her hand. She never looked up as she plowed into the back of a large John Deer tractor. Her little Toyota spun violently around and landed nose first into the deep ravine just off the other side of the road. The frame of the little car crumpled upon impact jamming the doors and spraying everything with tiny crystals of safety glass. The tractor was decimated, one of the large rear wheels was bouncing down the highway. The rest of the tractor skidded on its side with a loud terrifying screech.

Alice found herself pinned in the car. She felt something warm slowly moving down her leg. She tried to reach it with her left arm but it wouldn’t move. She looked down expecting to see a severed limb only to find her arm trapped between the seat and the door. When she reached down with her other arm she felt an excruciating pain in her back. As the pain surged through her body she felt herself getting dizzy, her eyes began to fill with little white dots. I can’t pass out, I gotta stay awake! she told herself over and over again. She sat in agony for what seemed like thirty minutes before she heard a man’s voice outside her window.

“Hello, are you all right? Can you hear me?” She heard a rustle of leaves as the man came closer. “You had one hell of a crash, can you move?” Alice tried to answer but all she managed was a faint grunt.

“Hold on I’ll get you out” said the man.
Alice heard a loud bang causing her to startle and look to her left. She reeled in pain as she saw the driver of the tractor trying to pry open the door with a long black bar. The man let out a groan as he finally forced it open, tearing the mangled door from its hinge.

“Come on, grab my hand.” He said to her. “You can do it, I know you can Alice.”

She reached out with her good arm and put her hand in his, her back screaming the entire time. Gently the farmer carried her up the embankment never stumbling once. Alice didn’t notice, she had already passed out.

As the farmer laid her on the pavement Alice slowly regained consciousness. She looked up at him weakly, her head bobbing back and forth like a newborn trying to hold its head up right. His face looked warm and friendly. In his eyes she could see kindness and peace. He laid her head down on the ground and spoke to her. At first she couldn’t understand him and then slowly she began to hear the words.

“You will be alright Alice, God is watching over you. He will not let you die. He is here for all of us, even you. Especially you” he paused and smiled. His warm gaze never strayed from Alice’s eyes. He seemed to look into her very soul. A feeling of warmth and happiness welled up from inside her.

“You need to put a change in your life, Alice, you need to believe in god, not things. You have hunted for the crucifix for many years believing it would bring you closer to god and your son. I tell you now, God is right by your side every day and so is your son. God helps you along in your journey even when you are thinking of material things instead of him. Let God back in your heart and know that he loves you and your son. Now get better Alice, your family needs you. Remember, a necklace can never reunite you with your son, only Gods love can do that.”
As the farmer stood a faint warm glow came from the sky. He turned and slowly walked into the woods until Alice could no longer see him. Alice thought it was all a dream, but she took the words seriously.

After six months, Alice still was trying to recover from her injuries. She was almost out of rehab but was still walking on crutches. Her leg healing from the massive break suffered from the collapse of the dashboard onto her calf. The crutches made it hard to negotiate the soft terrain of the graveyard. The soft ground gave letting the tip of the crutch sink deep into the ground every time she took a step. Looking down at her sons grave she once more felt the peace and warmth of the farmer in her dream. Her eyes began to fill with tears, not tears of sadness, but tears of joy as she realized that her son was with god. She looked at the silver crucifix in her hand still gleaming like the day she first saw it at the yard sale. Squeezing it in her palm she bent over and placed it on the grave of her beloved son. She wouldn’t need it any more, she knew that it wouldn’t help her to find her son. She knows now that only god and his love can do that. She wiped a tear from her eye as she told her son goodbye.
Turning to leave she noticed a man dressed in overalls and cowboy boots standing by her car. It was the farmer, the one on the tractor, the one she had killed. She knew it was him, she had seen his picture in the newspaper and on the ten o’clock news. He was also the one that carried her to safety, the one from her dream. She tried to take a closer look but he was gone.