I agree with the lady that wrote this!


Some Peoples’ Kids!!!

Must I say it again, yes!!  Some peoples’ kids are just plain rude and not nice.  So it all started when I went shopping today.  I must say people are mean and rude, yes I said it again.  I am kind of mad.  I try being patient and polite and wait my turn, but when people just stand in the middle of the aisle in the stores, it is just rude and inconciderate of others.  Move to one side or the other and say "oh excuse me".  I had one lady roll her eyes at me because I nicely said "excuse me"!!  What is this world coming to when a person is polite and another can not be polite back.  Why are peole so self centered??  Gyene had no clue, and she made a few people smile she kept saying "sorsy" (which is sorry in her words) and "hello" to everyone she saw.  It was so adorable.  I miss the good ol’ 80’s and 90’s when people were more considerate of one another and showed more compassion for the human life and emotions.