The iPad 2 came out the other day and everyone had to have one. I already have the iPad 1 so I am set. It’s a good device, much thinner and somewhat faster in certain areas, I am sure that the new owners of the device enjoy it quite profusely. But I am content to keep the one that I have, at least till a retina display is standard on a future model. The ipad 1 is just as good unless you are a hard core gamer or expect it to out think your laptop or desktop. (tuaw says that the ipad2 can think faster than some older MacBooks).

I do wonder about the competitors, however. The honeycomb operating system seems to be a big step in the evolutionary design of standard portable computing. Too bad for motorola and Samsung that it just can’t compete. It tries to hard to be a computer and not a mobile device pretending to be a computer ( that’s what apples iOS does). It’s multitasking software multitasks itself into oblivion making the whole device feel sluggish and unrefined. I do wish that my iPad would be more robust than it is but it is great for what it was designed for.

The playbook by R.I.M. Is also coming out. So far it seems to be a good device. No real world comparisons as of yet. I do have connections at blackberry that confirm the release in june of this year. It has already been postponed from an expected release in march so your guess is really as good as mine. It’s price point should be around 400 vs 1200 for a comparable honeycomb os.

I really do hope to see advances in this technology. I wish my dreams will soon come true with a quick death to traditional desktop/laptop design of the late 20th century. I would like to see an impressive Intergration of both platforms for all up and coming pc/apple computers. Yes, I understand that it already exists but only if you want to use win7. And from all the tests I have performed on the HP version of that OS…. Well I won’t buy one any time soon.

And one last barb for you tech gurus out there; yes people want tablets and no they don’t like to write in HTML, even if they are good at it. Get used to it, all the sales guys want GUI touch screens and so do your customers. A revolution could be upon us so help us bring it about or forever be doomed to changing hard drives and replacing cheap keyboards while listening to the complaints from lowly sales folk about how hard your silly, over thought, waaaay to logical tracking program is.

Paul G Newton