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More roads



I have been taking pictures a long time. But never have I been able to create some of the things I have latley. My work keeps getting better and better and its all due to software. Without a computer.. My stuff might be just anouther picture.


These are starting to get good. What do you think?

The Unexplained!

Snow snow snow

Hundreds of people in a Walmart getting a weeks worth of supplies for a 1 day, maybe 2 day, snowstorm. Calm down folks… You wont die or starve to death. It is the way our grandparents and some of our parents lived for years. You will survive. Even if you have minuscule supplies for a week, you will not die. If you have water, you can live for at least a week.

Guy In A Hat

I haven’t gotten much sleep lately and it’s getting me down. If only I could get someone to add two more hours to the day, that would do it. I’m going to fry to get some sleep now.. Not really, I’m too busy surfing the Internet…

Guy In A Hat


I went to an auction.. Yep.. That’s about it