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None of the people in this video were injured during the rescue, however it was not the only one. Johnson Police worked with the Rogers Fire and Rescue to evacuate a Mobile Home Park that flooded in a mater of minutes on Monday. Johnson Arkansas is effectively cut off as of 4pm Monday after noon with all but one road leading into the city. Johnson Arkansas is a small community wedged between two Cities in Northwest Arkansas. Each City that surrounds Johnson has at least 75,000 residents and includes Students of the University of Arkansas.


Snow snow snow

Hundreds of people in a Walmart getting a weeks worth of supplies for a 1 day, maybe 2 day, snowstorm. Calm down folks… You wont die or starve to death. It is the way our grandparents and some of our parents lived for years. You will survive. Even if you have minuscule supplies for a week, you will not die. If you have water, you can live for at least a week.