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I have been taking pictures a long time. But never have I been able to create some of the things I have latley. My work keeps getting better and better and its all due to software. Without a computer.. My stuff might be just anouther picture.


These are starting to get good. What do you think?

The Unexplained!

None of the people in this video were injured during the rescue, however it was not the only one. Johnson Police worked with the Rogers Fire and Rescue to evacuate a Mobile Home Park that flooded in a mater of minutes on Monday. Johnson Arkansas is effectively cut off as of 4pm Monday after noon with all but one road leading into the city. Johnson Arkansas is a small community wedged between two Cities in Northwest Arkansas. Each City that surrounds Johnson has at least 75,000 residents and includes Students of the University of Arkansas.

A few years ago when I was considering running for political office i wanted to try and make sense to everyone. One of the topics that gets people in trouble is abortion. I thought about making the God argument or maybe the social argument against abortion. But those arguments have been tried many times and have too much “baggage” to be able to have a coherent debate without eye rolling or name calling. It took me a long while to come up with the phrasing, I had to write it down and comb over it until it made sense. As I finished the outline it all came together. My argument against abortion is foolproof. Morally, ethically and constitutionally foolproof. I am sure that many will throw this argument out on it’s face without even thinking the logic through. I am certain that if you give it the time and logically think it through you will not be able to punch holes in it or even dent it. Why? Because the logic is undeniable.

I do have one caveat, if he mother will die because of the pregnancy then the child should be the one taken if medically necessary. Why? Take your pick, all the reasons are viable.

So to get on with the story I begin with this; life without human intervention will most positively go on. No matter what we try to do life is an enduring part of being human and it’s persistence is inevitable.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation. A woman is pregnant. She falls ill and no longer is able to respond to anyone. Her mind is just gone. Her body remains in tact and lives on. I must give this point, we keep her alive. Our science and doctors keep her body as healthy as we can until the pregnancy is full term and the baby is born via surgery. Yes, we intervened with her but that is not the point. If you stick on this point you are looking for reasons for this argument to fail, already grasping at straws. But the fact remains, the child will be born alive and will be just fine. This hypothetical has happened in real life so it is absolutely possible. Even if the mother is not a vegetable the child will be born no matter what the mother does unless she interferes in a way tar is meant to kill the child.

That child now has rights. They are a citizen of the united states. The child grows, goes to school, gets a job, has a girlfriend/boyfriend, graduates college, gets married, has children of their own, gets a great job, retires, has grandchildren and reaches old age just like the rest of us. This is inevitable. Barring any unforeseen circumstances (accidents, sicknesses) this is the most likely scenario that WILL face any child. AIl children will grow up to make choices. All children will grow up to have friends. All children will be grow up to become someone’s mother, father, grandmother or grandfather or even choose to have no children. But the fact remains that freedom of choice will be the mainstay of their modern American life. No matter what, that Person’s rights to choose must not be interrupted by murder lest the murderer face death themselves because we do not constitutionally tolerate the taking away of rights by someone else.

So, we know that a child that is born will have his/her rights protected under our constitution. We Also know that any woman whom is pregnant will most likely bear a child without much care being taken. This is how the human body works. Modern medicine also allows for us to assume that pregnancy will not lead to the death of the mother. With these three facts we know with certainty that the child Will survive the birthing process unless human intervention is applied.

Let’s put the logic together. That is, if you haven’t already. Once the child is conceived they are almost certain to be born. The risk is no greater than any one of us having a fatal car crash. Once born the child has all the rights of a grandmother. So, as I see it, the rights go right to the conception. Yes, they do. Even though that is an embryo we know that person will make choices, what car to buy, what clothes to wear and so on. Aborting the child denies that Person of the right to choose to drive or take the bus or even become a liberal, conservative or a non-voter.

Now, some of you say that an embryo is just a mass of cells that would soon die if taken from the mother. But isn’t that what we are? Aren’t we just a bunch of cells that would also die if removed from air? Those cells are still that grandmother.

Some might be saying that those cells are part of the mothers body at that point. I suppose those of you who insist on this did not pay much attention to what we all just read. Those cells will grow to be an individual human. What right do you have to take away the freedom to choose of that person. Yes the embryo IS a person. Those cells WILL grow into a person if you leave them be.

So, I am sure that many are not convinced by my argument. But I expect as much. It is the state of humanity. We ignore the logic and insist on our opinion, no matter how deeply flawed those opinions are.

Life is inevitable, logic is inescapable. Abortion is extinguishing the rights of grandmothers, fathers and citizens of the united states.

IPad 2

The iPad 2 came out the other day and everyone had to have one. I already have the iPad 1 so I am set. It’s a good device, much thinner and somewhat faster in certain areas, I am sure that the new owners of the device enjoy it quite profusely. But I am content to keep the one that I have, at least till a retina display is standard on a future model. The ipad 1 is just as good unless you are a hard core gamer or expect it to out think your laptop or desktop. (tuaw says that the ipad2 can think faster than some older MacBooks).

I do wonder about the competitors, however. The honeycomb operating system seems to be a big step in the evolutionary design of standard portable computing. Too bad for motorola and Samsung that it just can’t compete. It tries to hard to be a computer and not a mobile device pretending to be a computer ( that’s what apples iOS does). It’s multitasking software multitasks itself into oblivion making the whole device feel sluggish and unrefined. I do wish that my iPad would be more robust than it is but it is great for what it was designed for.

The playbook by R.I.M. Is also coming out. So far it seems to be a good device. No real world comparisons as of yet. I do have connections at blackberry that confirm the release in june of this year. It has already been postponed from an expected release in march so your guess is really as good as mine. It’s price point should be around 400 vs 1200 for a comparable honeycomb os.

I really do hope to see advances in this technology. I wish my dreams will soon come true with a quick death to traditional desktop/laptop design of the late 20th century. I would like to see an impressive Intergration of both platforms for all up and coming pc/apple computers. Yes, I understand that it already exists but only if you want to use win7. And from all the tests I have performed on the HP version of that OS…. Well I won’t buy one any time soon.

And one last barb for you tech gurus out there; yes people want tablets and no they don’t like to write in HTML, even if they are good at it. Get used to it, all the sales guys want GUI touch screens and so do your customers. A revolution could be upon us so help us bring it about or forever be doomed to changing hard drives and replacing cheap keyboards while listening to the complaints from lowly sales folk about how hard your silly, over thought, waaaay to logical tracking program is.

Paul G Newton


Snow snow snow

Hundreds of people in a Walmart getting a weeks worth of supplies for a 1 day, maybe 2 day, snowstorm. Calm down folks… You wont die or starve to death. It is the way our grandparents and some of our parents lived for years. You will survive. Even if you have minuscule supplies for a week, you will not die. If you have water, you can live for at least a week.

Guy In A Hat

I haven’t gotten much sleep lately and it’s getting me down. If only I could get someone to add two more hours to the day, that would do it. I’m going to fry to get some sleep now.. Not really, I’m too busy surfing the Internet…